Saturday, March 5, 2016

Earn Money from Net While You Learn

A beginner is frequently intimidated by a number of earning options available on net. Some of these earn from net or learn from net are common and therefore well known. This information which is readily available often leads to a misconception that it is easy and we can do it, but is hardly ever implemented may be due to lack of determination or lack of required resources.

Any earning process from net is actually a learn from net process where your earnings are a feedback of how learned you are. You make changes in your planning with each result. You keep improving your results and earnings from net.

This is a fair earn from net while you learn from net process. The main problem a newbie is how to get started with this earn from net process. Initializing this process can take months or even years if you don’t get active support from someone who is actually successful working on earn from net process.

There are a number of small business programs which offer active support. A few of them are really good and contain all required resources and support but they may or may not be useful to a person who is actually new to this earn from net or home business concept.

Success in any earn from net program initially depends on one single factor i.e. your confidence in earn from net concept, confidence in the program you are working, confidence in yourself. Any earn from net program which isn’t able to fill or improve confidence level of a newbie will never lead him to a successful earn from net entrepreneur. This is what is required by everyone to get started here and once it starts there is no looking back.

One such earn from net program which is particularly useful to a newbie is MPAM (Massive Passive Advertising Machine). This is due to the fact that here whole earn from net program is in form of courses. You start a course and follow each lesson day by day. Each lesson moves you one step forward in your earn from net while you learn from net process. Most of us are used to this concept of courses and lessons right from the school. In each lesson you are expected to complete some task or work and a time frame is also provided within which one is supposed to complete the task.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Work At Home Online Scams

Online Work At Home Scams Targeting Beginners

Online work at home scams are not new, they have been here since the beginning when internet started attracting opportunity seekers to websites showing them ways to make money online from home using there computer and internet.

Scams Targeting Beginners

work at home make money online scams targeting beginners
Most scams target beginners who do not have any idea about they type of real jobs that can legitimately make some money and they also do not have any idea about the income they can expect.

We all know that a number of companies and businesses are flourishing purely on there web based business like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon etc. along with a number of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who are successful and have been covered in various media reports.

Most of us read these news and feel that it is an easy income as we do not have any idea about the investment, hard work and patience that can take months or even years to break even as most of us use internet for entertainment and fun and therefore don't take it very seriously.

Professionally Designed Trap

Professional scammers who target beginners know these things very well and therefore offer them high income opportunities that do not actually require any serious work or even work schedule or skill set, so that anyone who shows interest gets trapped.

These professional scammers understand that greed in human beings can force them to take a risk immediately, that is why they show they huge income potential from $100 an hour to $2500 a week.

There professionally designed site contains great images which are often used to convince legitimacy of the program indirectly.

Home Income Cash System

Today I came across an advertisement on a website claiming "Work At Home Mum Make $7397 A Month" and when I clicked the ad I was taken to a fake new site with further claims and fake testimonials.

I was surprised to note that all the external links on the site were linked to a landing page which was designed to capture email id and other details without mentioning any program cost or cost of home income cash system kit, which further insured that a beginner will not back off before leaving his/her personal details and email id.

You can read more about this Home Income Package Scam at work at home scam.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Internet is A Slow Process of Making Money

Maybe I too read that some people are making hundreds and thousands per week or day with there online strategy. I know it works but I also know it doesn't works for everyone, at least when one is not well acquainted with internet marketing.


Learning how to make money is a slow and tedious process. Initially you don't make any money, then you start making money but its not enough money to talk about. It is only after a couple of months or years that we get the right picture of what is the reality, the real picture.

If we love this slow process of making money then ultimately we'll start seeing results (even better then what we expected) over time but to stay with the job or work is not always possible as we are all humans and have our own limitation.

There are already enough free and paid resources available online which contain both legitimate opportunities to make money as well as scams. People who understand that we should not expect magic on internet reach legitimate opportunities that can be trusted while those who think that they can fool the world as nothing is visible (its internet) often get trapped in golden robes of scammers (who know how to catch a fish).

There are a number of posts in this blog too which can help a beginner and some of them are also useful for experienced online marketers. So, don't be upset if you are not making enough money as this process is just taking place for everyone who is working.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How much money can we make from writing online.

Is It Possible to Make Good Money from Writing Online

I've asked this question "How much money can I make from writing online?" myself a number of times, when I first started writing online. I had been to many websites online, some of them were promoting some affiliate programs others were promoting some products to make money from writings. All of them were assuring one thing that they have a unique system which can help me to make thousands of dollars every month. They promised that I'll be able to recover my investment within a week or at most in a month.

I am also a human being and therefore did what most of us do, after all there sales page was customized for the psychology of a visitor like me and they knew very well how to convert a person like me immediately or after a few days. I did learn something from some of them if not all of them. After all they were doing business and had at least one or two things that anyone could learn from them.

All of us forget to remember that writing is a manual work and all of us are human beings, we have a limit beyond which we cannot work, we are not machines which can produce any number of quantity in few days. We can only write what we love to write, we can only write when we have a mood to write.

Making money from writings is the easiest way to make money online

Every online work has to do something with writing whether its ads, emails or contents. So, good writers always have a great potential to earn, but this earning is not unlimited or thousands of dollar per week. We can make good money from writings only if we keep our approach realistic, people always aim high and then leave in half way.

If we love to write and now want these skills to make money from our writings, then internet is a good place to start. It will start showing results in few weeks or month for those who write a lot and have good command over it. Others can start seeing results in at least 4-6 months (if they continue to do there job whole heartedly). 

Initially we cannot expect much from our online writings but as time passes and we continue to learn and improve our writings and our experience increases we'll see a upsurge in our earnings, which will continue to grow in future.

How much money can we make from our writings depends on how much efforts we continue to put, there are people who are earning over 1000 dollars per week, some are earning 100 dollars, other just 5-20 dollars. Many estabilished writers who are also professionals in there field make more then that, most of them are doing it part time.

Where Can I Start writing for Money

There are so many places to write online, some of which do share revenues, each of them have there own terms and conditions. Some sites pay you for your own written work, others pay from revenue generated through the page you've created, yet there are some which not only pay for the pages you write but they also pay for the online traffic that you generate, one such site is hubpages. Read more to join hubpages and start making money.

Why I choose hubpages instead of other online paying sites like squidoo. Well! Hubpages is really very simple to use, there are limited tools to use (which is good), they do not share there revenues but they share page impressions i.e. you make money directly in your account. Beside this the most important thing about hubpages is that even if you cannot write well you can promote hubpages and the people who join hubpages from your promotions will help you to make money.

How, actually hubpages shares its own share of impressions from the writers who join because of you. So, if you feel you can write well and have enough spare time to write, then join hubpages right now and start writing online, as there is nothing that you have to loose but there are lot of things that you can gain in next few months.

More information on hubpages and how can you earn money from writing there.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Secrets of Making Money Online/Offline Satisfactorily

Making money is one of the important task of our life. We need money because we have to survive and money is the only almighty source which can bring comfort and resources at our feet.

We all make money and strive to make more but some of us forget that money is not a destination, its a path. We must not forget to live, to enjoy, to survive while we strive to make more money.

Trying to make money without caring for other crucial things is also an important reason why people often fail in making good money which can make there both ends meet.

Even on internet, people often try to scam others, try to send spam to sell affiliate products. It is really hard to sell or convince anyone if you are not convinced yourself with the way you are working. Making things interesting for yourself will make things interesting for others. They too will like to join.

Money isn't an isolated commodity, its a social activity which flows from one hand to another, one place to other. If there is no socially agreeable interaction (i.e. interesting for you and me) then it can create an obstacle in flow of money from one hand to another.

These are some facts(for me) which I feel an important role in how we work and how much money we make. I feel its also an important secret of making money both online and offline satisfactorily.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How much money can we make online?

How much money can we make online is a question which is frequently asked by online entrepreneurs from many categories like:

  1. Those who are making good money online : Now they want to discover its limit.

  2. Those who have made a little money from there online efforts : They have now realized that there is some potential in online earnings and all this buzz but they wish to conduct a feasibility study before putting more resources and time.

  3. Those who wish but are not convinced : I have seen many people who think that it is not possible to make any money online but still they want an answer for this question out of curiosity to hear.

  4. Beginners who are serious to work online : Beginners who are ready to work and want to put some serious efforts are also interested in knowing the real income that they may expect.
There are many answers for this little question "How much money can we make online". One must understand that there is no guaranteed income or even guarantee of income from any online opportunity if we are not serious to work. Quality of work makes a lot of difference then quanity of online work.

One cannot expect any income or earning good money for at least few months (i.e. at least 6 months). This is the minimum gestation period for online efforts. Initially one may not make enough money, but slowly there is a uptrend in online earnings, one sees a gradual increase in money made online (provided the work is going on steadily). This trend continues if one is willing to put more efforts and resources (including money).

There are people who make a few hundred dollars every month after being here for years, there are also people who make 5 figure (or even 6 figure income) after there first one or two years online.

The only way to make money online is to work, work and work with a positive thinking and positive approach. How much money you make will depend on how much efforts you put in.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Are Writing Skills Essential Part of All Legitimate Online Money Making Opportunities

Importance of Writing Skills for Making Money Online

All the opportunities on internet are somewhere connected to writing skills. If you start blogging, then you must be able to express your views in writing. If you start promoting some Online Affiliate Program then too you need some writing skills either to create some pages for a site or for sales copy or to advertise.

Google Adsense Income is purely writing based income, even if one hires a ghost writer, there are some jobs which still require writing skills. One can say that some writing skills are required for all entry level online opportunities.

Don't Waste Time On Learning Something You Are Not Comfortable With
I've seen many people who try to copy other successful people, after all CopyCat is a online marketing BUZZ. Many sales pages say it, that why don't you start following a successful person with this cheap blueprint of all the stepping stones he/she used.

I have seen it myself, so my advice is please don't waste your time and money on something you are not interested in because even if you learn something from your hard work, you won't be able to beat competition which includes skilled competitors. Your main drawback is you are not interested in that type of work but you have been told that it is the only way to online success.

No, it is not so. If you want to succeed online, in a legitimate way then do what you like to do, find your own way, learn how others did it on there own, read books and other materials that is available to you and then use it in the most suitable and unique way of your own.

7 Benefits of Doing What You Love to Do Are
  1. Your interest will help you to grasp new things easily.

  2. You will never find yourself disheartened.

  3. Learning curve will be interesting as an adventure.

  4. Your efforts and money will not go waste, because you'll to spend on something you enjoy.

  5. You'll take competition easily, as its in a subject of your interest.

  6. Making money here is far more easier then struggling in a new field.

  7. At last you'll be satisfied with the outcome, if your approach and expectations are realistic.
These are some of the points which are in no way able to show the real potential of following your heart and doing something you enjoy doing. But this is a real secret key of online success and making legitimate money.

Writing skills form an important part of all major online opportunities but it doesn't mean that those who don't like to write can't find a legitimate online opportunity, there are many other types of opportunities like photography, games, designing, programming to name a few. Some of these opportunities to earn money online are also discussed at, so you can visit that from time to time.