Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why you are not making any money online?

Why I'm Unable to Make Money Online

There are a number of beginners and even experienced (in failures) marketers on internet who are trying to make some money or any money at all. Most of them have already set a well planned program or business with all business tools and resources available in the market, yet they still don't see any/much money. Why?

Tools & Resources Only Help A Business Based On Solid Foundation

We can use tools and resources to drive more traffic, even quality traffic who really need these products/services, no what will they purchase because we think they need it (may be they do), why will they when they cannot see it themselves.

What we think is not necessarily what they think, we think we have the best products and services which is far better then what is offered by our competitor but we aren't able to convenience our visitors the same thing.

Why? This is because our websites are half baked, they sometime skip very basic and simple things. All the emphasis is on selling products/services and to earn money online, without looking at some very common requirements of a customer who is ready to buy but cannot find the environment conducive for it.

How can we improve Things to make money online?

Well, there are so many factors which can lead to a single problem, low sales/no sales, low conversion, low income, poor response from visitors.

According to Perry Marshall, an SEO Expert there are 6 pitfalls of an online business, right from its inceptions, which lead to don't make money online.

Some Reasons Why People Fail to Make Any Money Online
1. There are no clear instructions for visitors, product/service descriptions are poor.

2. The website is over crowded with text, images and products/services.

3. Website annoys a visitor with its flash introduction.

4. All the details of products/services are not available the way they are available elsewhere.

5. Advantages of product/services are over stated.

6. Site doesn't support customer interaction, the way customer is looking for. (It can be email, live chat, telephone, forum, physical address etc.)

If you are not making any money online, then there is nothing wrong with market demand or online sales but its a problem with how you are treating your valuable customer.