Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Secrets of Making Money Online/Offline Satisfactorily

Making money is one of the important task of our life. We need money because we have to survive and money is the only almighty source which can bring comfort and resources at our feet.

We all make money and strive to make more but some of us forget that money is not a destination, its a path. We must not forget to live, to enjoy, to survive while we strive to make more money.

Trying to make money without caring for other crucial things is also an important reason why people often fail in making good money which can make there both ends meet.

Even on internet, people often try to scam others, try to send spam to sell affiliate products. It is really hard to sell or convince anyone if you are not convinced yourself with the way you are working. Making things interesting for yourself will make things interesting for others. They too will like to join.

Money isn't an isolated commodity, its a social activity which flows from one hand to another, one place to other. If there is no socially agreeable interaction (i.e. interesting for you and me) then it can create an obstacle in flow of money from one hand to another.

These are some facts(for me) which I feel an important role in how we work and how much money we make. I feel its also an important secret of making money both online and offline satisfactorily.