Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Work At Home Online Scams

Online Work At Home Scams Targeting Beginners

Online work at home scams are not new, they have been here since the beginning when internet started attracting opportunity seekers to websites showing them ways to make money online from home using there computer and internet.

Scams Targeting Beginners

work at home make money online scams targeting beginners
Most scams target beginners who do not have any idea about they type of real jobs that can legitimately make some money and they also do not have any idea about the income they can expect.

We all know that a number of companies and businesses are flourishing purely on there web based business like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon etc. along with a number of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who are successful and have been covered in various media reports.

Most of us read these news and feel that it is an easy income as we do not have any idea about the investment, hard work and patience that can take months or even years to break even as most of us use internet for entertainment and fun and therefore don't take it very seriously.

Professionally Designed Trap

Professional scammers who target beginners know these things very well and therefore offer them high income opportunities that do not actually require any serious work or even work schedule or skill set, so that anyone who shows interest gets trapped.

These professional scammers understand that greed in human beings can force them to take a risk immediately, that is why they show they huge income potential from $100 an hour to $2500 a week.

There professionally designed site contains great images which are often used to convince legitimacy of the program indirectly.

Home Income Cash System

Today I came across an advertisement on a website claiming "Work At Home Mum Make $7397 A Month" and when I clicked the ad I was taken to a fake new site with further claims and fake testimonials.

I was surprised to note that all the external links on the site were linked to a landing page which was designed to capture email id and other details without mentioning any program cost or cost of home income cash system kit, which further insured that a beginner will not back off before leaving his/her personal details and email id.

You can read more about this Home Income Package Scam at work at home scam.