Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tools to Optimize Your Web Site

Anyone with a website knows the importance of Search Engines in site promotion. Search Engines provide your site with targeted visitors conveniently. There are enumerable Search Engines, each catering to a demography or special group. It is not possible to get listed in each one of them, but the more you get listed the better.

To get listed in more & more Search Engines and Directories has always been a priority of website owners. Submitting site to Search Engines requires some site preparation for this purpose called site optimization. Each Search Engine has its own Rules & Guidelines and there is no single way to full-fill conditions for each one of them, as they are often contradictory. 

Search Engines are basically algorithm that work on /for data within their database. Data that you provide through your website must fit within data structure of their database. This database is known as directory, some Search Engines maintain their own directory, other work on directory maintained by others. This directory contains a broad category of topics which are further classified in hierarchical manner.

In order to submit your site to various Search Engines you need to optimize your site for Meta Tags, Keywords and Search Engine Ranking etc.

1) Analyzing Meta Tags:

You can use this free tool to analyze Meta Tags on your website. This tool will analyze the following tags:-

1. Title
2. Description
3. HREF Title
4. Robots
5. Content-Language
6. Author
7. Copyright
8. Revisit-after

2) Analyzing Keyword Density:

It is necessary to analyze the number of repetitions of keywords specified by you in your webpages. Good optimization requires that your keywords are repeated a number of times on your pages. You can analyze keywords on your website without any cost or obligation. You can choose length of keyword from 2 characters to 10 characters and get a report on each keyword of specified length with following information:-

1. Name of keyword
2. Word count of keyword
3. Correction (if any) for keyword

3) Submitting Your WebSite:

After you have analyzed your Meta Tags and Keywords take some time to optimize your site, after optimization your site is ready for submission to Search Engines & Directories. You can submit your site for free to following:-
1. Alexa
2. Atomic Bot
3. Claymont
4. Exact Seek
5. Fyber Search
6. Google
7. Google-ca
8. Google-fr
9. Scrub the web
10. Splat Search
11. Subjex
12. Walhello

Plus others:
1. Abacho (.de)
2. Acoon (.de)
3. Big finder
4. On Seek
5. Search Engine
6. Search Sight
7. Search Warp
8. Unasked
9. Web wizard

4) Search Engine Ranker:

4 to 6 weeks after you have submitted your site to a couple of Search Engines & Directories you can check status, position of your website here. This Search Engine Ranker tools checks the following:-

1. Ask Jeeves
2. Alta Vista
3. AOL Search
4. Entire Web
5. Excite
7. Find what
8. Go Click
9. Google
10. Mirago
11. Netscape
12. ODP
13. Overture
14. Teoma
15. Yahoo