Sunday, April 2, 2006


Association with a good affiliate program is a major source of Online Earnings. It feels good when you join a number of affiliate programs only to discover later that none of them earned you a single penny.

When I say affiliate programs are a major source of online earnings then I am not talking about 90% of internet surfers who joined some affiliate program on one occasion or other. These people didn’t join affiliate programs seriously to squeeze some money out of it, but join the program because they felt so at that moment.  

They think simply joining an affiliate network entitles them to a Home Based Business Opportunity. They don’t see any requirement of a Business Plan. They join them simply because it is Free to Join.

If we review any affiliate program online we’ll see that 95% of there members never made a single dime. These are people who work on the affiliate web site for a day or week or month and when they see no result for there hard work they 
simply leave the program.

Although there are some programs which are Free Online Affiliate Programs that teach you right from the basics- What resources you must have to make an income from internet? How to proceed step by step to establish your Home Business. One such program is Massive Passive Advertising Machine which helps newbie in getting started online and those who are already earning can increase there income by getting more targeted traffic to there site. But most people here don’t want to work, they ask for results immediately.

Usually people keep looking for Affiliate Programs with high return per sale and with a number of successful affiliates earning a six figure income but they don’t realize that high return per sale means a high priced product or service which means only a few people will be tempted to purchase it. 

Affiliate program with a number of successful affiliate means that you face a tough competition from those who are already earning that much. Those people who are already successful know a lot more than you do and therefore decrease your chances of succeeding in that specific affiliate program.