Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Earn From Net With Google Adsense

Google Adsense Income

If you are a web site owner or webmaster for one or more web sites or are willing to be the one then you can use Google Adsense to make an extra income from your web sites.
Today Google Adsense is a common feature on most web sites, we can classify web sites using Google Adsense Program into two types:
1. Web sites which are dedicated to some purpose. They can be affiliate sites, sites with business or social motive and they use Google Adsense to make additional income or to help there motive with Google Adsense as a financial aid.
2. Other web sites that I’ve seen are one which exist simply to make money using Google Adsense and activities on there web sites are limited to making money from Google Adsense i.e. they survive to earn from net with this program.

Earning Money from any web site is possible only if you direct enough traffic to your web site and directing traffic is possible only if you provide something useful to your visitors.
Anyway, participation in Google Adsense Program provides you three options to make extra profits from your website.
  1. Adsense for Search.
  2. Adsense for Content
  3. Adsense for Referrals (no more available) includes adsense account, firefox browser with google toolbar download
You can use any or all of them and remember this is a Free to join program which will really add to your web sites income if you use it sensibly.
Before you join this program you should understand there program policies. A few things to note to avoid disabling your account are:
  • Don’t click on advertisement yourself or ask others to click by providing some incentive.
  • If you use contextual ads from some other provider, you’ll choose any one provider.
  • Place these ads only on pages with contents and not on pages filled with other static advertisements alone.
  • You cannot use phrases which ask users to click on these ads to support your web site.
  • You can display a maximum of three ad units, two search boxes, single link unit and single referral button per product on any single page of your site.
  • One person can have one and only one adsense account and this account is not transferable i.e. if you sell your site, you’ll have to either terminate your account or remove your adsense code from there.
Today a number of things have changed at Google Adsense, most of the products discussed in this post exist in different form, but in every case you must have a webpage or website which is pulling enough traffic (visitors) to make money from this program.

We must understand that Google Adsense is a program which is being used successfully by both 1. the beginners (who actually do not have enough options/opportunity to make money, they simply a blog or website and paste these codes there) and 2. well established sites with a different primary business (they use Google Adsense to make money from visitors/traffic they aren't able to monetize).