Thursday, July 24, 2008

High Paying Oil Rig Jobs

Work Hard & Enjoy High Paying Job

High paying jobs are the most interesting part of any industry. Oil industry is a high paying industry where even an entry level worker is paid a handsome salary. Jobs in a rig are real jobs and can't be taken lightly. Ability to work hard is the basic requirement for every position, but if you have the capability to work hard and are even qualified to work on a rig then there is no harm in applying for these jobs at least once, it can be a turning point of your life.

Basic Requirements for Oil Rig Job Opportunities

In order to work for a high paying oil industry, certain conditions must be met. Most works on a rig are physical in nature, because you are working in a environment which is basically mechanical in nature and good health is bare minimum requirement.

Oil and gas jobs require:

  • Good Health, you'll have to clear medical examinations for the purpose. 
  • Age is also a factor, minimum age must be 18 years and depends on your qualification and eligibility for type of job. 
  • Interest in your job. It is certainly not a pre-qualification, but if you don't have interest in rig jobs you can't work satisfactorily for a prolonged period for a high salary. Those who show no interest leave the job sooner or later. 
  • Qualification can help you in getting a better job in oil rigs. Although lower level jobs in oil rigs don't require any formal qualification. 
  • Experience. If you are experienced you can get a better salary and position. There are a number of opportunities in a oil rig and experienced persons get higher positions and salary.

Benefits of working on a Oil rig

There are a number of benefits in working in a oil rig beside high salary. Some of them are:

1. You get good accommodation, food and facilities comparable to any high class hotel.

2. You have to work in shifts and you get rest or offs which are equal to or more than the days you work on a rig i.e. if you work for 14 days, you get rest/off for a period of over 14 days.

3. Higher promotions based on performance. Career in oil industry has an excellent promotion policy based on your previous performance.

4. Free Travelling, oil companies provide free air traveling to its workers.

5. Overall you work only for 6 months in a year and starting salary for a person with no previous experience in a lower position can be in a range of $40,000 to $60,000. Just guess how much a experience person or a person in a higher position will get.

Types of Jobs in A Oil Rig

There are a number of jobs in oil rigs, as everything is there in a rig. Some of them are :
  1. Assistant driller, 
  2. Ballast controlman, 
  3. Barge engineer, 
  4. Camp boss, 
  5. Captain, 
  6. Chief engineer, 
  7. Cleaner, 
  8. Cook, 
  9. Crane operator, 
  10. Dereckman, 
  11. Driller, 
  12. Electrician, 
  13. Electronic technician, 
  14. Floormen, 
  15. Installation manager, 
  16. Maintenance supervisor, 
  17. Mechanic, Motorman, 
  18. Mud engineer, 
  19. Mudman, 
  20. Painter, 
  21. Pumpman, 
  22. Rig electrician, 
  23. Rig mechanic, 
  24. Rig medic, 
  25. Rig welder, 
  26. Roughneck, 
  27. Roustabouts, 
  28. Safety man, 
  29. Scaffholders, 
  30. Shakerhand, 
  31. Steward, 
  32. Storekeeper, 
  33. Sub sea engineer, 
  34. Toolpusher, 
  35. Training coordinator, 
  36. Watchstander

The job opportunities listed above are limited and listed here to give you an idea.

Overseas Offshore Oil Rigs

Some offshore rigs across the globe exist in these countries (to give you an idea)
  1. Canada, 
  2. China, 
  3. India, 
  4. Kuwait, 
  5. Mexico, 
  6. Nigeria, 
  7. Norway, 
  8. Russia, 
  9. Saudi Arabia, 
  10. United Arab Emirates, 
  11. United Kingdom, 
  12. United States, 
  13. Venezuela

Legitimate Job Opportunity in Offshore Oil Rigs

If you are interested or will like to get more information then visit this link and see how you can apply online for jobs in offshore oil and gas rigs. Working in a oil rig is often better than a legitimate online business because you get rewarded without taking any financial risks and you start making good money right from the beginning. 

How to Apply for Offshore Oil Rig Job Recruitment
Well, if you are interested and qualified for any job (even entry level jobs require physical fitness) you can apply online to around 1200 recruitment agencies, companies across the world using paid services(consultant), who will post resume of paid members online.

This will save your time and efforts in filing for individual vacancies, you can learn more by joining their newsletter (although newsletter containing headlines is free but in order to access contents you must be a paid member, membership comes with a time based money back guarantee) and to apply online for oil rig jobs. 

Before applying for a job anywhere, we must complete our home work i.e. check our health status and willingness to work in a offshore site, find the most suitable jobs that fit our qualification/experience, prepare a good resume which reflects all this.