Friday, August 22, 2008

Writing for Money As Freelance Writer

Try Freelance Writing to Make Money Online

Freelance Writing Jobs on Internet
Internet is the right place for freelancers, freelancing is life blood of internet. Freelancing and internet technology both support and promote each other. Internet works as product line (as in a modern factory) which continuously collects parts from different locations and then joins them to make a perfect and wonderful products. Each part is designed and manufactured by an expert in this field.

A major part of web is text based because even media files like audio, video and graphics require some text to shape up and text is generally a writing products. There are a number of medium and small website owners who can't afford a permanent writer but only like to pay per job or per task. Freelance writers fill this gap, they do the writing job and are paid for it.

Whether Freelance Writing is A Job or A Business?
Freelance writing is both a job and a business. Doing freelance writing job on a regular basis becomes a freelance writing business. Freelance writing business is an advanced stage of freelance writing jobs.

Freelance writing is a legitimate online business which doesn't require any investment at all, only investment is time and writing skills which everyone has to some extent and these skills can be developed with learning, practice and experience. Although there are a number of resources online which deal with how to write, how to be writer, how to write a killer copy and all that.

Online Opportunities for Freelance Writers

Scope of Freelance Writing Jobs and Business
Freelance writing jobs has immense possibilities, internet has really helped everyone here, one can start writing immediately on virtually any topic of his own or for his clients. There are so many options for a freelance writer to choose.

  • Start his own website

  • Start his own blog

  • Writing articles for himself or others

  • Writing advertisement for himself and others

  • Writing Press Releases

  • Writing Business Plans

  • Even writing or posting in forums is a job on internet

  • Writing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Writing comments for others

  • Writing reviews on products, movies, softwares or anything
Freelance SEO Writing
Freelance SEO writers are one of the highest paid writers on web. SEO writers are writers with strong foundation in Search Engine Optimization, they write with a number of SEO factors which helps a website to pull more traffic and improve its search engine ranking.

Every writer isn't a SEO writer, only those writer who have learned SEO or have undergone some SEO training in writing can write for such clients. SEO writers can make upto $100 an hour depending on there skills, experience and projects.

Write Academy conducts an online course 'Certified SEO Writer'. This online certification is recognized worldwide. Average completion time is less than two weeks. Get details on Freelance SEO Writer's Course from our website.

Online SEO Certified Writer Course
Online SEO Certified Writer Course by Write Academy is a good course for anyone who wishes to start writing for the web. An average SEO writer can expect an earning between $20 to $50 an hour.

This certified writer course is designed with the help of experts in this field. The writing course includes the following:

  1. What is SEO

  2. SEO and Keywords

  3. Writing for the Web
SEO writing course is also a good course for anyone who wants to improve his skills further.

Writing Ebooks to Make Money
Ebook writing is also a legitimate way of making money from internet. Ebooks are pdf documents which can be easily created and modified. Ebooks doesn't require any shipping as they are directly down loadable to a computer connected to internet.

There is a course on writing small ebooks for money, which discloses everything about writing small ebooks for money. Those who know how to write a book can easily write an ebook too, the only difference is that we need to know how to market and promote an ebook online, as on internet there are millions and millions of webpages, ebooks which are hardly discovered by those who actually need them and a good marketing plan can help us to reach some of this potential market.

Starting A Ghost Writing Business
Freelance writer can also start a Ghost Writing Business. Ghost Writers are writers who don't stick there names to there creation. They sell there writings for money as a Ghost Writer.

Ghost writing is also a good opportunity for writing business. There is a good guide on Ghost Writing Business
which has all the details.

25 Ways to Write for Money
This is also guide on Freelance writing jobs. This guide explores 25 ways in which a freelance writer can make money from web. A good guide for beginners in Freelance Writing.

Freelance Writing Jobs Online has more information on freelance writing for web.