Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who can make money at hubpages?

Qualification to Make Money At Hubpages

Hubpages is a social network of writers who share there experience and articles on the same platform. Hubpages is based on a profit sharing architecture which is quiet different from a similar platform like Squidoo. Squidoo shares only profits that too on a 50-50 basis i.e. after deducting all costs of running the business plus 5% charity funds. The payments are directly made by Squido via Paypal.

At Hubpages this is just opposite to Squidoo. Hubpages shares impressions on a 60-40 basis i.e. a user gets more share (60%). Hubpages asks user to get there own ids for Google Adsense, Amazon Associate, Ebay Affiliate and Kontrea (similar to Google Adsense but serves text-ads only).

Please note that it is not easy for a begineer to get all these ids at once. Each of these program asks for website for verification of quality and the site must be up and running with existing visitor activities. A beginner cannot get an id immediately or even after a month until he starts driving traffic to his hubs.

Like most website and blogs the top money maker at hubpages is Google Adsense, which is also easily available once a hub starts running and attracting some visitors.

So, in order to make money from hubpages one must be qualified to make money i.e. must get one or more ids which can be used during his share of impressions.

Next most important qualification at to make money at hubpages is Writing Skills i.e. ability to write quality articles which are unique and better then others. Those who are freelance writers can easily build more hubs then a newbie who is still learning to write online.

Next important thing to which helps in making money every where on internet and hubpages is no different is SEO Skills

Anyone can learn some basic things about SEO like use a topic which people are looking for, title and contents must match all the time or most of the time, don't get diffracted from topic or theme of your hub, otherwise it will go nowhere and try to get links for your hub from other sources etc.

If you learn all these basics things and start writing, writing and writing before or after getting all these ids then you are sure to find a new online income opportunity at Hubpages. Nothing can stop you from getting your share of money from internet.

So, join hubpages and start making money from right now.